MGRS Mapper

Operational Graphics Tool for Junior Leaders

Build and share custom maps with standard military graphics using a simple visual interface

Built by a Soldier

I'm CPT James Pistell and I built this app over a period of 2 years. MGRS Mapper is designed with soldiers in mind. Symbols are easy to search for and the application functionality is easy and intuitive to use.

You may have seen something similar to this in the past, but after learning all the new and unique features MGRS Mapper has and what it can really do, you may be kicking yourself for not checking it out sooner.

CPT James Pistell

"Uhh yeah hi, I'd like to order a fire mission to go please."

Drag, Drop, Learn...

MGRS Mapper is an easy-to-use visual tool that lets you build custom operational overlays, quickly learn military symbols, and export them as images or shareable links. No longer will you have to search for PowerPoint files that contain military symbols (often which are outdated) and copy/paste them one-by-one. MGRS Mapper allows users to quickly search for the symbol they are looking for and effortlessly drag them onto a topographic map with MGRS grid overlays.

MGRS Mapper concept sketch to phase sketch

Search for your symbol and drag it onto the map to easily construct CONOPs or operational overlays. MGRS Mapper symbols contain land units, sea units, air units, equipment, Graphic Control Measures, and Tactical Mission Tasks.


Map symbols can be enhanced with the new ADP 1-02 symbol modifiers. You can now specify the capabilities of a particular unit or symbol on the map. Premium users have 5 different map types to choose from and can also draw on the map.


Export your map via the one-click screenshot button for easy importing to PowerPoint

Free vs Premium Plan

Click on any item to get a more in depth description of what each plan offers


  • One Map Single map provided by Google Maps
  • Basic MGRS Grid Overlay MGRS grid with grid intervals based on zoom levels
  • Limited Symbols Contains 24 symbols and graphic control measures


  • Multiple Maps Choose from 5 different maps including topographic, satellite and standard
  • Enhanced MGRS Grid Overlay MGRS grid with standard intervals at 1M meters, 100K meters 1K meters and 500/100 meters
  • ADP 1-02 Symbols Contains 737 symbols. ADP 1-02 is the current military standard for map symbols
  • Manipulate Symbols Premium users can rotate, scale, or invert symbols
  • Graphic Control Measures Example: mines, checkpoint, key terrain, classes of supply points, etc...
  • Tactical Mission Tasks Example: Attack by Fire, Occupy, Isolate, Screen, etc...
  • Symbol Modifiers Example: Command Posts, unit capabilities, unit mobility, reinforced/reduced, etc...
  • Add Text to Map Users can now annotate maps with custom text
  • Draw on Maps Users can now draw shapes and lines on maps
  • One Click Screenshot Maps can easily be exported as screenshots with the click of a button
  • Automatically Save Maps and Symbols All maps, zoom levels, locations, symbols, markers, lines, drawings, text, and shapes are automatically saved in your local storage for all Premium users. The data is stored on your machine and not on any servers and is only available to you.
  • Location Search Premium users can now zoom to locations by address or MGRS coordinates

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Extra Information

Upcoming Features
MGRS Mapper is constantly in production. Here is what I have planned out for Premium Users
Mobile App

Offline Maps 25% Complete

For Mobile and Web Users

Premium users will soon be able to cache maps on their device for use in places with little to no Internet connection

Mobile App

Mobile Application 25% Complete

For Apple iOS and Android Devices

The mobile application will is currently under development and will be available for tablet and phone devices soon

Mobile App

Live Collaboration 75% Complete

For Mobile and Web Users

Premium users will soon be able to share live links of their maps for live map scenario collaboration

MGRS Mapper Premium Pricing

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  • Monthly


    • All free and Premium features
    • 24/7 Support Service
    • Billed monthly
  • Annual
    $3.33 per month


    • All free and Premium features
    • 24/7 Support Service
    • Free Access to Upcoming Features
    • Billed Annually

Payment processing is encrypted and handled by Stripe. MGRS Mapper never sees or stores your card number. If any billing problems arise please contact me

Team Accounts

MGRS Mapper offers the following organizations a large discount on team accounts

  • Volunteer Search and Rescue Teams
  • Volunteer Fire Departments
  • ROTC Battalions
  • US Military elements at section level or above
  • Any organization that relies primarily on volunteers

For organizations of 5 or more members please contact for a discounted rate